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Some of the predestination is poetry

Did someone walk into your heart?

Is there a song that makes you cry?

Is there a time when you can't forget it?

Meet each other short, think long, a song east wind to urge west building, one evening melancholy full of heart. Hide my sadness, I also hide joy, as I hid a heart to love you in the afternoon, even if I am silent, even if few words do not say, I miss the mood had leaked I'm floating away.

All say, love a person, the most important is understand that person's heart. Because understand, therefore cherish. Because cherish, so deep feeling. Just beginning to like a person, is to want to be near her, have her all, want to accompany her to heaven and earth old. Then he fell in love with that person, but indulged her, because if she didn't get it, if she did well, it would be sunny all over the world.

Love, sometimes really, can be possessed, become involuntary, become cautious, become hesitant, also become mature. So when you love someone, remember to love, even when you fall, even if you are hurt, because there will be someone in this world who deserves to be left alone.

I love you, you don't love me, I don't blame you, because I know you have your reason, but please don't hurt I love you's heart. You love or not love, I don't care, because you already in my heart. I don't care if you come or not, because I will wait for you. It doesn't matter if you go or not, because I always read you.

Love is long, life is short, acacia, not all can long with deep feeling, some even love incarnate the rain butterfly fly but the sea boundless, also is not all sincerely treat, some people even until the glebe's old enemy nevertheless time after all. When you love, remember to cherish. When you don't love, don't forget to look back.

Seeing each other, pear flowers with rain shallow spring hills; Don't leave without a word. The year like the water, you go to the return period; What is the day? Looking back, the moon is empty into a cup; Full of sorrow, the wind of the wind and fury. Outside the wild goose, the lone long roar did not mean to; A garden in the middle of the night. The man of the bowels, several degrees of tearful funeral love; Red dust heart, falling into the sea and sea.

Whose face is the face of whose city? Whose youth is the loss of whose covenant? How much of the dust of the past has caused lovesickness, sorrow and sorrow, the wutong in the city is locked in the autumn, the city lonesome injury years. Your three birth predestination, I wish to go, but nowhere can be found. My seven emotions, you see in the eye, but do not move. The unending love will eventually become a stranger. On the way back, you and I walk separately, from now on, each side of the road, each life.

In some way, must a man walk alone, in fact is not so lonely forever, because to a certain Angle intersection, perhaps will meet another like-minded people, is a friend, is a lover, or in a hurry traveler, but has been linked to support after all, so don't waste the trip also.

Known, many of the circumstances is destined to good, don't early, also not too late, we will meet some people at some point down the line, and then leave in each other's life was moved and sad of, perhaps the last or side of the road, phase forget in river's lake, but it is precisely because I met someone, experienced some things, only let us even in the face of the unknown journey, still have nothing to fear, more have the courage to go on.

Perhaps, we are too afraid of leaving, afraid to lose, because will be sad, will inexplicably shed tears, but, however, is not another kind of new beginning? Wipe away tears, raise a smile, embark on a new journey, the scenery will not live up to your expectations.

In life, there will always be a fetter, and there will always be surprise, some people, some things, the edge of the edge scattered, to pass, has become a poem, in the years unharmed. Some fleeting, some unforgettable. Some of the corners of the world, some of the companionship of eternal life.

At that time, I was young, and I wanted to take a sword and go to the world. I would walk through the green mountains and green water, and I would see the prosperity of the world, and I would return to the city with a good reputation. Later, I really went out, but forgot to return, so that in the end, those who like, the things that miss, after all, become strange scenery.

True, I write poems for you, the pen dyed red dust, feeling warm heart, always believe that all the meeting is warm, and all the separation will have a reunion day.

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One heart, one heart

Midsummer night, is no longer cool breeze xi xi, that warm wind blows in the body clearly feel the heat, the summer heat just come, already experienced the heat of the hot air transpiration. In the thick shade of the trees, the cicadas were popping up and down, making people feel hotter and more irritable.

The yellow plum day seemed to be swaying in the branches, and the curtain of rain was still wandering in the dirt, and it was already coming, even at six or seven o 'clock in the morning.

Go out when we try to avoid in high temperature during the day, in the evening after dinner, they went out of the house, not a square dance is walking, let the whole body sweat washing tired cut proud flesh, know and don't know each other a smile continue to exercise.

Sometimes it is like the stars in the sky, so close and so close to each other, that there is an invisible distance between them. Everyone is an independent individual, who can really understand who, who walked into the heart, even if the feeling is very good husband and wife, it is impossible with a soul and thoughts, opinions are not a lot of time at odds.

Each person's life is a self-salvation hardships self-improvement, no matter in what stage of life, will bring their goals and hope to move forward, all the way to conquer all the way reclamation, everyone have different ups and downs in life to experience, to feel, can't imitate copy.

Being close to nature is the only option when the pressures of life come together. Let the flowers and plants of the trees of the trees, the flowers and plants of the trees to brush the haze of the heart, find a green grass lying on the top, see the vast sky cloud, listen to the various sounds in the grass.

Every stage in life has a story, don't want to lose much, have more than enough, you and I are humble cloth, sunrise, whether he put his own life into plain, only with a goal and hope to move forward, paring down the beginner's mind. Other people's prosperity and honor have nothing to do with you, you strive to be yourself, carefully walk the ordinary fireworks in every step.

Keep a common heart, the days will become simple and easy, let oneself heart rich rise, what time do not feel inferior, you have your scenery, let oneself live into the position of the others can't replace.

A heart, an affection, in the years of the long river yuyu walk alone, appreciate the four seasons of the change of the cycle, the enchanting, viewing the ups and downs of life, I am safe.

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